Trucking Services

As a top of the line intermodal freight service, our trucking roots are the core of our business. Our
drivers are dedicated to transporting goods efficiently and safely. We train all of our employees to make
sure that transfers are seamless so that time is not lost in transition.
We know that finding the perfect trucking service for you is an incredibly serious matter. You need a
company that understands you, makes you a priority and focuses on building you up and enabling your
success. Whether you’re looking for LTL, a Partial Load, Full Load, Flatbed Trucking, Lift Gate, or
even White Glove Service, we’ll take a customized approach to your needs, ensuring that the service
you receive goes above and beyond your expectations.

Specialty Services

Our warehousing and distribution services are optimized by a state of the art inventory system, ensuring
that cargo ends up divided into the right trucks and is sent to the designated destinations at the
appropriate time. For the sake of your cargo’s safety, our warehouses are protected with 24-hour
security systems.

In addition, we hire warehouse team members who are well-equipped to manage your specialty projects
and provide you with customized services and solutions, ensuring that there’s never an obstacle or
complication that we can’t handle for you. Your cargo will remain our top priority throughout the
duration of your time as our client, which is why we work diligently to provide you with optimized
supply chain solutions.


Complicated logistics are our specialty. Let us know what your shipping goals are, and we will get your
cargo there. Our warehousing and distribution services are highly efficient with a state of the art
inventory system at the helm, and with 37 years in the business, we’re the absolute go-to hauler for
many companies all across the country.
We know that what you need is a reliable and flexible logistics provider who is ready to work tirelessly
behind the scenes to help you overcome obstacles, maintain high efficiency, and keep your turnaround
time quick and organized.
Here at Sundry Logistics, we don’t care what size of company you are. We’re going to give you the
same high level of customer service and proactive solutions, enabling you to continue to run smoothly
and seamlessly. When you partner with us, you get a full partner – one who is devoted to your success
and won’t stop until your needs are fulfilled and your expectations are exceeded.